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Give to keep the meals coming. This is an opportunity for you to be a part of that greatness. Support helping those in need and dig deep for Food For Life's mission to fight hunger, through sanctified food.


Food for Life New Orleans serves as one of the international network of 269 affiliate projects in 65 countries serving over 1 million plant-based meals daily. To date, Food for Life has served over 7 billion free meals and is the world’s largest food relief organization. Food For Life's mission to address the root cause of hunger and other social issues through teaching equality of all life through the liberal distribution of plant-based meals prepared with loving intention.


Donations may be sent via credit card, Paypal, check, money order and other digital wallets.

For other enquiries about donations, please contact:

Sankar Haldar

Director & Treasurer 

Mobile: 504-975-9960


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